EDM-T Safety course (TSSA Approved!)

$450 (No HST)


The original “Elevator Safety” by Elisha Otis, 1854.

“All safe gentlemen, all safe.”


In order to enter the Elevating Devices industry, it is a pre-requisite of the Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA), that a new entry into the elevating devices industry be familiar with the risks and hazards related to working in, on and around elevating devices equipment. To this end, TSSA has developed and mandated a required elevator safety course of study in which each new entry to the industry must participate.

All Elevator Safety Course providers must be accredited by TSSA and their course content approved. Courses are presented in a classroom style over a two day period.

The Elevator Safety Course is a prerequisite by the TSSA. Anyone intending to do field work must obtain a license entitled EDM-T (Elevating Devices Mechanic-Trainee). This license is also required prior to becoming sponsored as an apprentice in this trade. The new entry will not be permitted to perform any work or services on an elevating device in Ontario UNLESS he/she has successfully completed the Elevator Safety Course and applied for and obtained an EDM-T certificate (license).

24 hours 

**Minimum numbers required for these classes**