An introduction to how elevator systems work

**This class is not available at this time**

$163.85 (HST included)

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Superintendents, assistant superintendents, property managers and assistants, operations personnel and building owners who would like to know the workings of one of their key pieces of infrastructure.

  • Topics covered:
  • Typical daily checks (generic checklist to be developed)
  • What to look for to prevent chargeable service calls
  • Dealing with trapped passengers, assessing the situation, when to call 911 etc
  • What information to get before making the service call for an entrapment
  • What can wait until the next maintenance visit and what can’t
  • How to make an inquiry from the service provider
  • Q&A with an elevator professional, experienced in all aspects of elevating devices and situations arising from equipment failure
  • Understanding elevator “lingo” or terminology
  • Whatever the company’s key needs are!